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icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 01.09.2010, 10:11:34

436 Posts - Superboy

Smallville addict
Das es ja bei den Neuerungsvorschlägen sowieso angedacht war, eröffne ich jetzt hiermit mal den Twitter Thread. Ich hoffe das ist für alle so in Ordnung.

Sie Smallville Schreiber twittern regelmäßig mit Fans über bevorstehende Episoden und verraten manchmal kleine Details der Folgen. Ich suche einfach mal die letzten Tweetübersichten raus (Legendary Duo von Kryptonsite macht sich jedes Mal die Arbeit die Tweets ordentlich zu sortieren.)

Tweets vom 26.08.2010 I

@alseptien Hey, Al! Is there any hope at all that Chlollie will have a happy ending?
@xtremeroswellia We'll all have to wait and see.

@alseptien morning Al with turi meyer directing next season, will u be giving it a go?
@ajsaad48 Stay tuned ; )

@alseptien Hi Al! What happened to the telescope that Lois wanted to give Clark in Charade? He never received it...
@jazzberrybeans Although we never saw the pass off, I believe she gave it to him.

@alseptien Hi Al. I know you usually avoid this question, but... has a Pete Ross return come up in discussions this year? I'd like that.
@grahamtracey It's come up, but there's nothing firm right now.

@alseptien we are all desperately waiting for 9/24 =) did you see Lazarus yet?
@athena606 I saw the first cut. There's some changes coming up. But I think you'll all be happy. some epic stuff!

@alseptien Will Clois share a dance in homecoming? Please say Yes!!
@CloisForever23 Tune in.

alseptien: Just finished getting notes on HARVEST from studio/network. T and I will be working on rewrites for production draft (blue) today/tomorrow

alseptien: Rest of the room is working on ep 8/9. And ep 7 (which shoots as 6) Ambush is in prep as ISIS shoots.

@alseptien Hey Al will Allison's episode be spread throughout or back to back when she comes back? @Point0fn0return Probably spread, but don't know yet.

@alseptien SUPERGIRL looks cool. I love everything @acofell writes. I'm nervous Kara might steal some of Clark's Superman moments, though.
@history1776 Don't worry. I think SUPERGIRL will be an awesome ep without any thunder stealing. Anne did a great job!

@alseptien Al, are the writers going to address Lana’s power-suit in S10? Or will it remain unresolved?
@jazzberrybeans We'll see.

@alseptien after all this time do you guys get a lot of notes from the network?
@yannickbelzil We get notes from both network and studio on every draft. But we have great execs, so we can't complain.

@alseptien Firstly, hi! Secondly, Is there anything you can give away about Isis? Or Shield? The two seem to be connected, right?
@in_ahaze Connected in that one follows the other, but that's pretty much it.

@alseptien Martha's return in HOSTAGE last season was lovely. Will she be mentioned at all in her absence?
@ginnytwin Probably.

@alseptien Al, do you have any words for Erica's Hair?
@TheDurancesHair "You look fabulous!"

@alseptien What number is the Geoff Johns episode expected to be this year? 11 again?
@grahamtracey No, I think it's a little later.

@alseptien What are the first five words in the premiere?
@RebecaValdez "And now the Premiere of Season 10 of Smallville"

@RebecaValdez "And now the Premiere of Season 10 of Smallville"
@alseptien That was funny
@jazzberrybeans It's the truth : ) we try to deal with everything, but unfortunately, we all realize some things fall through the cracks.

@alseptien Haha ok. Got me there. How about what is the first sentence said by a Smallville character, not cast.
@RebecaValdez I'll give you the first word.... "Clark"

@alseptien Hi! Did Martha get Lionel's Kryptonian knowledge from more journals or through a download by Jor-El?
@BrianG1227 his journals and all the info Lioonel had gathered through the years.

@alseptien Since I don't know who's writing AMBUSH yet, perhaps you could tell me if the topic of Lois' late mother comes up in the episode?
@history1776 she's mentioned, yes.

@alseptien Oh, good. That's lovely to hear. If I could ask one more AMBUSH question, how is Lucy compared to her last visit? Reformed?
@history1776 Tune in. : )

@alseptien Cool, thanks! Is that info the reason for the Super-suit's red undies? Kinda funny to think of Martha including them otherwise.
@BrianG1227 Don't know.

@alseptien Phone booths featured somewhat frequently in the last two seasons. Will we be seeing the familiar phone booth again in S10?
@ginnytwin Look for it.

@alseptien Thanks for answering all our questions. One last one: The "Lex" in Requiem will be revealed to be a clone... right? Warm?
@grahamtracey hmmm.

@alseptien Will we see more DP characters throughout the season like Ron Troupe or Steve Lombard?
@LegendaryDuo Don't know. But our Cat kicks butt! She's awesome.

@alseptien When the secret is out in the open between Clark and Lois, can we get a kiss between them with Clark in his Blur suit?
@LegendaryDuo You got that already in SALVATION... remember?
@alseptien True but this time not in the dark... and with the secret out in the open between the two it'll be different.
@LegendaryDuo Stay tuned.

@alseptien Yay! You know who Bibbo is! I know I said my last question was my last question... but will we finally see Bibbo in the Ace of C?
@grahamtracey Don't know.

@alseptien in the ?s mood. =D will Ch-Lo share a scene before Chloe disappears?
@RebecaValdez You'll have to stay tuned for that one.

@alseptien Hey Al..We want for this season good #Clois kiss!!! Specially with sunshine light or just moonlight We wanna catch the moment
@kimeeh_tc Didn't you have an awesome one in SALVATION?

@alseptien Do Cat and Clark partner up in Shield for a story??
@LegendaryDuo I'll say this... there are Clark/cat scenes.

@alseptien your such a tease will we have to wait long for the ILOVEYOUS we are dying for clois to say it already
@athena606 You'll have to tune in. That's all I'll say on that subject.

@alseptien Will we get a other episode where Lois is the hero? Love her in hostage.
@CloisForever23 I'm sure at some point.

@alseptien Any chance of seeing Shelby again?
@kitkatnat8 Hope so. I love that pup!

@alseptien: Will you be writing any episode in S10? You already have some idea about which episode? =)
@pathriciab We're writing ep 6, which shoots as 7. Turi will be directing. it's called HARVEST.

@alseptien Any clue what episode AM comes back for?
@desichick81 She'll be in ep 1.

@alseptien Are we going to see more of Clark saving the general public, rather than always a specific mission?
@MyMuseOurWorld You'll see both.

@alseptien Right, I meant I know she is in 5. Is it 5 consecutive?
@desichick81 No. They're spread out. But I don't know how yet.

@alseptien Have you seen any scenes with Desaad in them yet? Any hints about the character or Godfrey's character you can share? Thank you.
@ginnytwin I'll say this. Both actors are awesome!

@alseptien What are the chances of bringing Orion into SV?”
@since1938 We'll have to wait and see.

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Tweets vom 26.08.2010 II


@alseptien Are you able to tell us how many Clark & Lois scenes are in Harvest?
@celticbabe2002 Don't know the exact amount, but several.

@alseptien Hi Al. Is Lois going to see Clark on Red K?
@AlisaLea Don't know yet.

@alseptien Good afternoon! In "Isis," will Lois be completely possessed, or will there be moments where she's in control of her powers?
@BrianG1227 Both.

@alseptien Hi Al hope all is well... Will there be some romantic moments for Clois in Harvest??
@LegendaryDuo Si.

@alseptien Was Hostage our last time seeing Martha and Perry? Please say it isn't so!
@grahamtracey Don't know yet.

@alseptien Hey Al! how's it going in the writers' room?
@fallenstar88 Haven't been in there today, cause we're working on HARVEST production draft, but I'm guessing okay. No screams. : )

@alseptien In Harvest will Clark 'loose' his powers or 'forget' that he has them, like he did in Blink.
@alseptien How does Isis help Clark?
@AlisaLea You'll have to watch

@alseptien will Lois ever find out that she kisses Clark in the Green Arrow suit? She recog his kiss in Salvation, but not before??
@RebecaValdez She had nothing to compare it to before.

@alseptien CK knows frm Crimson that Lois recognized his kiss as GA. Does Clark believe that Lois doesnt recognize his kiss from Salvation?
@LegendaryDuo That will be dealt with this year

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Tweets vom 31.08.2010

alseptien: Hey kids, long time. So today, ep 8 which was pitched on Fri, conti. writing, ep 9/10 are in prelim outline phase and 11 is worked in rm.

alseptien:Turi's up in Vancouver for 1st day of prep on HARVEST and I was working on putting out the PINKS (3rd draft). Creepy ep, we're stoked.

@alseptien Creepy huh? Perfect for Halloween!
@desichick81 Yep.

@alseptien HARVEST= Creepy ghost town. I love those stories. What can we expect? Vamps? Mutant Cowboys & Indians? Zombies? Bloodshed? lol
@OfficialThad None of the above... except for some bloodshed of course.

@alseptien Hope everything is going well. Quick question, the picture of Lois being "crucified" is that in "Lazarus" or "Homecoming" Thanks!
@RebecaValdez Lazarus.

@alseptien Hey Al! Hope all is well with you! Thanks for the info! What episode are they currently shooting right now? Isis or Ambush?
@LegendaryDuo Isis is shooting second unit. Ambush started 1st unit today. directed by Chris Petry.

@alseptien When we finally see Superman, how epic will it be, on a scale of 1-10?
@BigDog_KA I hope 10!

@alseptien Will Clark's chest be making a surprise visit in Harvest?
@ClarksSexyChest ; )

@alseptien *Puffs out chest* Oh c'mon... Will the chest be making an appearance in the first 11 epi. Yes or No would be great for my ego
@ClarksSexyChest I think it's safe to say, you'll see some of it at some point before Dec.

@alseptien Is 11 still expected to be the big midseason finale (aka last episode airing before Christmas)?
@vintagerobot At the moment, but that could change.

@alseptien I heard it rained a lot today in Vancouver. I guess that means working in the studio. What set is featured the most in AMBUSH?
@history1776 I think the Kent barn/house.

@alseptien Can you give us one word to describe the General in Ambush?
@superblurman suspicious.

@alseptien I would like to know if we can expect to see Lois and Clark *together* in the premiere. Like actually face-to-face. Do you know?
@ValeriaAldama Yes.

@alseptien Hey Al! Clark should learn his Freeze Breath and develop a better Telescopic/Microscopic Vision! S10 will rock!!!
@Diogo_Pires_ He has freeze breath. Used it in the second Metallo episode last year.

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Zum Übersetzen ist es mir jetzt ein bisschen zu viel . Bei Fragen zu bestimmten Tweets einfach hier posten, dann kann man ja individuell übersetzen.

Und manchmal ist dann für einen kleinen Moment alles perfekt....
Red-Blue Blur
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 01.09.2010, 11:55:52

2406 Posts - Daily Planet

Klaatu Barada Nikto
Ach, ich finde das ´ne gute Idee.
Werde ich mir heute Abend mal in Ruhe durchlesen.
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 01.09.2010, 18:51:33

2868 Posts - Daily Planet

@alseptien Hey Al will Allison's episode be spread throughout or back to back when she comes back? @Point0fn0return Probably spread, but don't know yet

@alseptien Hi Al. I know you usually avoid this question, but... has a Pete Ross return come up in discussions this year? I'd like that.
@grahamtracey It's come up, but there's nothing firm right now.

So ich hatte mir gedacht ich pix mir mal paar raus. Und staune es sind nur zwei, dir mal jemand vieleicht übersetzen könnte? Wäre sehr nett. Den rest hab ich soweit gut verstanden. Wenige doch überflogen.
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 01.09.2010, 19:19:43

4670 Posts - The Blur

Das erste versteh ich selbst nicht. Aber das zweite:

Da wurde gefragt, ob Pete Ross für die zehnte Staffel noch mal ins Gespräch kam?

Darauf die Antwort: Ja, darüber wurde nachgedacht, aber es wurde diesbezüglich noch nichts beschlossen...

So ganz frei übersetzt mal
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 01.09.2010, 19:27:00

5592 Posts - Superman

Watch out!
Die erste Frage ist, ob Allison's Folgen direkt nacheinander kommen oder über die Staffel verteilt sind. Antwort ist, dass die Folgen vermutlich verteilt sind.

*gifs made by me*
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 01.09.2010, 20:00:18

2868 Posts - Daily Planet

Danke ihr zwei!
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 02.09.2010, 08:28:13

436 Posts - Superboy

Smallville addict
Wobei ich auch bei Kryptonsite Diskussionen darüber gelesen haben was er mit verteilt meinen könnte. Allison ist ja bekanntlich in der 1. Folge dabei und dann irgendwann Mid-Season wieder. Das alleine wäre ja auch schon "verteilt". Es wird jedoch vermutet, dass ihre restlichen Folgen alle am Stück laufen werden. Was für sie ja Sinn machen würde um dann entgültig mit Smallville abzuschließen. Ich fänd es jedoch schade, denn ich hoffe immer noch sehr, dass sie im Finale dabei sein wird. Lassen wir uns überraschen.

Und manchmal ist dann für einen kleinen Moment alles perfekt....
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 07.09.2010, 22:58:50

436 Posts - Superboy

Smallville addict
Neue Tweets von heute Abend:

@alseptien Hey, Al! What episode are you guys working on writing now?
@xtremeroswellia Sevrl eps writing. Can\'t reveal titles but the #'s are 8,9 and 10. Breaking 11 in the room. 7 is shooting and 6 prepping

@alseptien any Oliver news you can share with us? #smallville
@lorrainecollins You'll see A LOT of him this year.

@alseptien Can you tell us a little about Lois being tied up in a cornfield and with the S on her shirt is about?
@RebecaValdez Sorry, you'll have to watch to understand Scarecrow Lo.

@alseptien I love Emil Hamilton. Will we be seeing him anymore next season?
@KelseyLin yep.

@alseptien How is the writting by now? Do U know when are U going to start to film Harvest & can you tell me if Ollie appears on 6,8,9,10?
@Shelby_Huesario Harvest starts shooting on Friday. Ollie does appear in some of those, but don't know which ones.

@alseptien But not too much, Ollie, right? At the end of CK's journey I'm only really concerned with Clark and his future wife.
@AchtungBecca you'll be seeing LOTS and LOTS of Clark.
@alseptien And Lois, right?
@AchtungBecca And Lois, right.

@alseptien Are Tess and Oliver in "Ambush?"
@grahamtracey Believe so. But don't quote me.

@alseptien Hi Al! Is there a chance that we will see Maggie Sawyer once again in S10? (she’s such a cool character)
@jazzberrybeans Maybe. Don't know yet.

@alseptien Al just watched the Kandor commentary, awesome job! Quick question, any chance we get to see Clark taking Lois to the Fortress?
@superblurman stay tuned.

@alseptien Will we get a new opening. We've had the same Lois in the black shirt since season 5. Maybe a little change? No?
@RebecaValdez stay tuned.

@alseptien I hope we don't get too much Oliver. Gotta keep the focus on Clark!
@grahamtracey focus IS on Clark.

@alseptien We fans have done everything to get the CW's attention but nothing is happening...
@Haoh93 What can I tell ya. I know they're trying to launch new shows over there. Which air earlier than us. Perhaps as we get closer : )

@alseptien Will Clark get his own byline this year? Or at least a Lane/Kent one?
@_skydiamonds stay tuned.

@alseptien Oh, ok! and what about Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim or Ray Sacks (what a great villain!)-will we see them in S10?
@jazzberrybeans don\'t know... but we have brought up storylines that include them... nothing concrete though.

@alseptien Hey Al! There has been some speculation that Clark isn't in the room when Chloe says goodbye to him from the CC trailer. Is he?
@go_clo you'll have to watch.

Twitter + K-Site

Und manchmal ist dann für einen kleinen Moment alles perfekt....
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 16.03.2011, 09:07:28

436 Posts - Superboy

Smallville addict
Ich hab mal bei Kryptonsite, Twitter und Tumblr ein paar aktuelle Tweets rausgesucht, die ganz gut zeigen, wie intensiv die Dreharbeiten für die letzte Folge sind!

17 hours on the set of smallville today, and I’m exhausted. No spoilers, but I did get to see Tom Welling accidentally break a stuntman’s nose!

Well, looks like another 17 hour day on the Smallville set. Everyone is sooo exhausted. I have definitely gained a lot of respect for Tom and Justin. Those guys work their asses off!


#smallville fans! Yall are gunna love the second last episode!

Its raining so hard on set right now we delayed filming in the studio for a bit #vancityrain #smallville

Going on 33 hours on set in the past 48 hours.. #outheregrindin

Am Samstag gibts die große Smallville wrap Party:

@pursuit23 #smallville wrap party is Sat night... Cries and pouts

"Few old faces arriving back into Vancouver today for last episode of filming for #smallville...hoping they stay for wrap party as well.."

@pursuit23 Who arrived??

@_Blenz_ John and Annette and I'm told Allison is coming in as well. Callum is here until the party and he is going to it .


von Cassidy :

work work work work work work work work...

von John Schneider

Flying out to do the final episode of "Smallville" tomorrow. Hard to believe it's been ten years! You are going to LOVE the final episode!

und Annette O'Toole hatte wohl ein paar Probleme mit langen Wartezeiten bei der Einreise in Vancouver:

3 hours in Customs & Immigration. I almost turned around & went home. Really. TWO customs agents for 5 planeloads of people, VFR?

BEHIND me in line were Twilight actors & the rugged blond guy from Lost. No one was immune!

Of course complaining about ANYTHING is ridiculous with the horrible things going on. Sorry to be so small. I know how fortunate I am!

@baterista9 This was the worst I've ever seen it. Had to go to Immigration for a work permit. That took 2 hrs after the hour in Customs.

- Editiert von Mrs.T.Welling80 am 16.03.2011, 09:15 -

Und manchmal ist dann für einen kleinen Moment alles perfekt....
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 16.03.2011, 10:42:51

4670 Posts - The Blur

Woah das klingt echt übel. Ich bin ja echt mal gespannt, die sind ja alle sehr vom Finale überzeugt.

Hehe, und Tom hat einem Stuntman erst mal die Nase gebrochen. Auch geil. Ob sie die Szene wohl einfach mal drin lassen? Dann kommts immerhin echt rüber
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 16.03.2011, 14:32:04

138 Posts - Clark Kent

Danke für die geballte Ladung Tweets Mrs.T.Welling80!

Das Finale scheint echt so toll zu werden, wie ich immer gehofft habe.
I want you to know me completely, with no secrets.
Because you are the always will be.
Clark to Lois, Harvest
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 16.03.2011, 15:12:54

2868 Posts - Daily Planet

Wann ist jetzt eigentlich nu genau der letzte Drehtag? Ich hatte mal was vom 20.03 gelesen. Der ist ja schon bald.
Danke Katrin für die tweets.
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 16.03.2011, 17:03:12

84 Posts - Smallville

last son of krypton
Wollt ich auch gerade fragen wann de letzte Drehttag ist.Das möcht ich schon gern wissen damit ich wenigstens mittrauern kann nach 10 Jahren.
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 16.03.2011, 18:08:12

4670 Posts - The Blur

Na wenn am Samstag die SV wrap Party ist schätze ich auch, das diese Woche der letzte Drehtag ist... ich tippe auf diesen Freitag
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 17.03.2011, 07:53:06

436 Posts - Superboy

Smallville addict
Das hier hat Cassidy gestern Abend getwittert

Just over a week left in smallville...

Also drehen die wohl noch bis Ende nächster Woche. So war es ursprünglich im Plan auch vorgesehen. Wahrscheinlich haben die nur keinen anderen Termin für die Wrap Party gefunden und machen die daher ne Woche vorher!

Und manchmal ist dann für einen kleinen Moment alles perfekt....
Red-Blue Blur
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 17.03.2011, 19:08:07

2406 Posts - Daily Planet

Klaatu Barada Nikto

spoiler smallville (titirominet, DI) Justin Hartley and Allison Mack were filming on the studio today, I meet Brian Peterson and I saw them too. Apparently when Allison Mack and Justin Hartley were filming their scene on the studio, Tom Welling was Filming in the UBC in the same time, so I didn't see him or other characters.

Red-Blue Blur
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 03.08.2011, 18:39:00

2406 Posts - Daily Planet

Klaatu Barada Nikto
Keine Ahnung, wo das rein soll....packe es mal hier rein.

Verbuche das mal unter "Hoffnungslose Spekulationen".
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 03.08.2011, 19:18:37

5927 Posts - Superman

Die Untoten aus Ungarn
mhm, innerhalb von drei Monaten wurde ein Drehbuch geschrieben, genehmigt, Pre-Production abgeschlossen und jetzt fangen sie an zu drehen. Bestimmt
icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 03.08.2011, 21:25:55

8587 Posts - Legende

Save eachother
Och der hat KK besucht

icon01.png Season 10 Tweets - 04.08.2011, 20:35:21

8587 Posts - Legende

Save eachother

na ich bin gespannt

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