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Save eachother

(credits: sweetsweetcandy)

Wie vielleicht einige im Netz schon darüber gestolpert sind, wird es zum offiziellen Geburtstagstermin von Lana Lang (lt. DC) am 17.07. einen "Lana Lang Event" auf Sweet und den dazugehörigen Netzwerken geben.

HIer unser offizielles Video: Klick

On July 17th, Sweet will be celebrating the birthday of Lana Lang. A character that has been in DC Comics since 1950; and brought to limelight in the last decade through the series Smallville. In celebration, we will be hosting a variety of activities and a handful of retrospectives looking back at different aspects of the character. It's a chance, maybe the last, for this online community to come together and reminisce and maybe even learn a few things you might be unaware of, particularly as it relates to the comics.

I want to thank ClarkSuperboy (Marie) who helped get others involved in preparation for this exciting day. Without her persistence, this event wouldn't be possible.

Here is a listing of some of the activities that will be going on.


Episode Viewing - Power (a Lana fan favorite) and a second "Lana" episode. We will take nominations and vote for a winner in the upcoming weeks. The plan would be to watch these episodes in the evening hours, in particular due to it being on a weekday and the number of people who likely will be working ... and as we all know, if people aren't home, they can't watch and discuss. Oh, and the most interesting aspect will be finding a second "Lana" episode to watch. I think we can be honest in admitting that not many of the classics are "Lana" centric episodes. HOWEVER, I think that's a good thing, we will see something that might not be the usual episode in this instance.

You Tube It - Lana Lang Edition ... post any Lana scenes from Youtube and comment. Similar to the previous scenes viewing, this is just a little more open ... have a scene YOU like ... post the link.

Lana Moments Challenge ... I will be conducting a challenge (not quite as long as some in the past, but it will culminate with the finals on July 17th. More information on this will be released in the coming weeks ... also since it's a Lana challenge, you won't have to listen to me nag people for voting off a great Clark or Lex moment. :lol:

Lana Lang Event Multimedia Thread
- any artists who wish can post their creations. I'll be opening this thread right away so that people can post art.

Several members have ideas and topics they wish to write about ... or contribute in general ... Marie says they're part of the 'Sweets on Lana mission' ... I think that we should have them open their own thread on July 17th, and then others can comment and allow a discussion.

Lanny - Lana in the Companion Books ... are you like me, and have never seen or read these books ... this will be a source for some good Lana knowledge that may be new to you.

OldManKent (Dave) will be writing a personal theme on Lana Lang. It's from Dave, so you know it should be something special.

Sjleone (Steve) will take a look at Lana's power in the comics, and on Smallville. NO ONE knows comics on Sweet like Steve, so this should be a treat.

SweetSweetCandy (Karen) will be writing an a poem or maybe a short story. Can't wait!!!

(Rob) will take a look at Lana Lang's character. I'm sure he'll have his own touch on it, he usually does. :)

Earthstranger (Jason) has his own thoughts on Lana, and will be doing so based on a couple themes. "Lana's Tears" & "To see you on the street and not be able to touch you".

Clark's Angel
(Marlessa) will be taking a look at Lana's love for Clark in the comics & also touch on Lana's evolution on Smallville.

Sumilicious (Suma) will be treating us with her writing on why she loves Lana Lang. Knowing Suma, no matter what she writes, it will be passionate as she always puts everything into her writing when it's about Lana. :hugme:

ClarkSuperboy (Marie) will be taking a look at the Lana/Lex relationship and the aspects surrounding it. I'm VERY intrigued to see what she comes up with. Marie will also be promoting this event online and in general just being my "right hand woman" in running this event.

Boingo (Nelly) will be giving support through her site (WorldofLanaLang) by providing links to information & artwork from comics and other media. She will also be promoting the event on her site as well, which is always appreciated.

Lana (Sue) and Clana99 will also be promoting the event on social media such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & e-mail. Maybe they will also do some art or a video? We can hope!!!

IfOnlyx33 (Victoria) will also be making a Lana Lang tribute video.

The following Sweets have also said that they would love to contribute ... Kryptotrite (Katie) ... maybe a ficlet or standalone??? ... as well as SuzieQ (Denise), Snowangel & �LanaFan4Ever (Galia) Again, anything you want to contribute will help ensure a positive experience on July 17th.

Wer will ist herzlich eingeladen uns mit Fanart, Videos und Fanfics zu unterstützen - und wer möchte ist natürlich auch herzlich eingeladen vorbeizuschauen :)

icon01.png "The LANA LANG Event" 17.07. - 16.07.2012, 23:57:09

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Save eachother
Hier noch ein weiteres - total niedliches Video *gg* Klick

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